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ASMP directs its quality policy toward encouraging the realization of satisfied customers through excellence and on time deliveries. New prints with the latest Engineering Change level must be supplied by the customers when a purchase order is placed. The quality of ASMP's products is the responsibility of both the production and the quality control departments. The quality control department is under the direct control of management and is completely independent of any production department. The following are guidelines for the production departments: 1. Each department shall be responsible for the qualityof the product that is produces. 2. The floor inspectors are responsible for backing up the machine operators, insuring that quality is always maintained. 3. All dispositions made by the production foreman involving discrepant products are to be made within a week. The quality control department is responsible for the following: 1. First Article inspection and approval before production is authorized. 2. Quality of all products shipped to the customer.

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